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Submarine Dismantling Project - What Next?

The Ministry of Defence will annouce the decision from its Submarine Dismantling Project in summer 2016 - but what will happen next?

Open-Ended Working Group begins work at UN to discuss steps towards global nuclear disarmament

Multilateral disarmament talks began at the United Nations last month on practical measures for building global security without nuclear weapons.

Labour Party Defence Policy Review - Consultation Open

Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Defence Emily Thornberry has announced a rigorous consultation process for Labour's strategic review of defence and security, following a request from party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

What does NATO need from Britain?


A new paper from Nuclear Information Service examines various ways in which the United Kingdom can contribute politically, economically, and strategically to NATO.

Trident replacement: Politicians are already robbing the public purse

Never mind the pre-election debate - Trident replacement is already under way.

Do the Scottish Nationalists hold the key to UK nuclear disarmament?

Changes in the electoral landscape provide an opportunity to scrap Trident after the next election.