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Trident replacement: Politicians are already robbing the public purse

Never mind the pre-election debate - Trident replacement is already under way.

Do the Scottish Nationalists hold the key to UK nuclear disarmament?

Changes in the electoral landscape provide an opportunity to scrap Trident after the next election.

How realistic are the UK's nuclear emergency plans?

Current emergency planning arrangements at nuclear sites may not be enough to protect the public in the event of a serious accident.

The day crustaceans crippled a nuclear submarine

How a Royal Navy submarine and crew was almost lost off the coast of Africa 2011.

Nuclear power and the proliferation of nuclear weapons: two sides of the same coin

The link between nuclear power and nuclear weapons is unbreakable and dangerous.

Low-level radiation: the Achilles Heel at the heart of nuclear anxiety

At long last, debate is beginning on the health impact of low-level radiation.

Labour: Timid on Trident

Will a progressive policy on Trident win or lose the next election for the Labour Party?

Doublethink and doublespeak at the Foreign Office

What should the peace movement do when faced with the bare-faced nonsense of nuclear weapons?