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Redfern Inquiry exposes AWE's role in the nuclear industry body parts scandal

The Redfern Inquiry into the unlawful removal of organs from the bodies of deceased workers in the nuclear industry has exposed a scandal that highlights the dangers resulting from the 'we know best' attitude and lack of accountability of professionals working in the nuclear sector.

Labour's new line-up - no change on Trident?

Following the Labour Party Conference and elections for party Leadership and Shadow Cabinet posts, Labour is now beginning the process of reshaping itself and reviewing its policies ready to fight the next general election.  How far will this review see a re-evaluation of the dedicated support shown by the party over the past two decades for retaining and replacing UK's nuclear weapons?

An Appropriate Contribution?

NIS researcher Steven Hendry on how the
UK can best direct shrinking military resources at a time of spending


This week has seen the release of both
the National Security Strategy (NSS) and publication of the results
of the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR). The NSS
describes the threats that the UK faces in the coming years, whilst
the SDSR sets out how the armed forces will counter these threats
whilst cutting just under 8% from their budget.

Blair on Trident: 'There was a case either way'

Here's what Tony Blair has to say in his book 'A Journey' on the 2007 decision to replace the Trident nuclear weapon system:

MoD attempt to pass on costs of Trident replacement

NIS researcher Steven Hendry on the latest row over the cost of replacing the UK's nuclear weapons.

BPIX survey shows 63% would be happy to see Trident scrapped

NIS Researcher Steven Hendry discusses the findings of a BPIX survey which suggests that 63% of people would be happy to see Trident scrapped

5th June 2010 Nuclear Abolition Day

NIS researcher Steven Hendry discusses the upcoming Nuclear Abolition day, the basic ideas behind a Nuclear Weapons Convention and its possible place alongside the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

One week on from the closing of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Review Conference (NPT) in New York, Anti-nuclear activists around the globe will gather on June 5th to call for a global nuclear weapons convention (NWC). Many activists had hoped that this years review would end with a commitment to building a NWC.  However, it didn't - hence the need for action.

Labour's legacy means it is even more imperative to include Trident in the defence review.

A report in the Irish Independent newspaper reveals that, in post-election negotiations with the Liberal Democrats, the Labour party was prepared to make concessions in its position over Trident replacement.