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Will US cost-cutting threaten the UK's Trident replacement programme?

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates - sceptical about Trident replacement


We're already forking out a third of a million every day to replace Trident

With nuclear weapons and
the huge cost of replacing Trident rapidly moving up the election
agenda, advoc

You can't slip a Rizla between Labour and the Tories on nuclear weapons

As the three party leaders slug it out on prime-time television, another pre-election debate has shown just how out of touch with reality the main parties are when it comes to defence and nuclear weapons.

Just before the first of the three televised debates between Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg was broadcast I went along to a debate where figures from each of the main parties  were discussing defence issues.

America can and Russia can - so why can't Britain?

President Obama's nuclear diplomacy agenda has taken some significant steps forward this week: firstly with the launch of the US Nuclear Posture Review, and then with the signing of a new US - Russia arms control treaty that will reduce the number of strategic nuclear warheads that each country has deployed.  The momentum will continue into next week, when the President is hosting a global nuclear security summit in Washington.

Why the main parties won't be mentioning Trident

A general election will be called this week, and we can look forward to a month of frantic political campaigning before voting day on May 6th .  With the economy still very weak it's a certainty that all the political parties will be focusing on their economic policies  Cuts in spending to balance the national deficit are likely to be a hot topic of debate, but I'm willing to bet that the three main parties will want to say very much less about nuclear weapons and Trident replacement.

The disinfectant of sunlight

News of recent pollution incidents at
the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston has reminded me of
the bad old days back in the 1970s and 1980s when AWE's safety and
environmental record was unimaginably worse than it is now.


First thoughts on the proposed new US-Russia START treaty from NIS researcher Steven Hendry.


It was announced today that Presidents Obarma and Medvedev had
come to an agreement in reducing their arsenal of deployed nuclear weapons.
Subject to ratification, the long awaited agreement will replace the 1991
Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and commits both sides to reducing their
collection of warheads by around 30% of currently agreed levels.

Anglo-French nuclear patrols - a step towards disarmament

The Guardian has reported that the
French government has offered to create a joint UK-French nuclear
deterrent by sharing submarine patrols with the Royal Navy.

All eyes on Obama as NPT Review conference approaches

The Royal Society has just published an
excellent new briefing highlighting how the scientific community can
support nuclear arms control and disarmament initiatives, and the
report was launched at a conference a couple of days ago with th

Panic in Portland during nuclear submarine emergency exercise

Several national newspapers have picked up a story from local newspapers in Dorset about the fiasco which resulted when local councils and the Royal Navy tried to run a nuclear emergency exercise in the Portland area.