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Strong language

It's not just campaigners and activists who feel that the recent planning application for a new Enriched Uranium Facility at the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment was handled badly by West Berkshire Council.

West Berkshire has received stinging criticism from neighbouring Reading Borough Council, which has written to West Berkshire to highlight concerns about consultation over the planning application.

Aldermaston's Big Blockade

Shut down: Main Gate, AWE Aldermaston, 15 February 2010

Fox and Fairlie: Two contrasting meetings

I sat in on two very different meetings on Thursday. The first, in the morning, was the more formal of the two: a lecture by Dr Liam Fox, the Conservative Party's defence spokesperson, hosted by the Politeia think tank at their London HQ.

Project Pegasus consultation - a shame and a sham

AWE LLC members

Close co-operation: Local councillors and AWE staff open a new roundabout at AWE Aldermaston in 2008.