Short War Documentary Reviews


War No More

War No More is a booklet and accompanying DVD which takes a look at the history of conflict and shows how once started it tends to lead to more conflict rather than lasting peace. The film argues that there is no genetic basis for war and that conflicts over natural resources that might seem unavoidable could in fact easily be avoided were the richer nations willing to sacrifice a little more of their accumulated wealth to help those countries in need. 

It discusses the history and mandate of the UN, and how the unprecedented devastation caused by nuclear weapons was one of the driving forces leading all member countries to seek peaceful resolution of all future conflicts. Many well known faces appear in the film, which is well made and succinct in its message.

Anthropology 101

A film by Lee Herrick and Wayne Brittenden, this slightly longer documentary very effectively puts a Sci-Fi spin on the same theme avoidable wars and escalation. It starts with an 'alien anthropologist'  beginning a lecture on the death of planet earth, bought about by humanity, in 2025. It pieces together surviving evidence to paint a picture of humankind, contrasting our potential for great understanding, development, creativity and compassion with our propensity for mindless and cruel destruction and weakness for unsustainable consumption and exploitation. The way these extremes are contrasted really hammers home what potential is being wasted and makes the final premise of the film seem very plausible, that humanity would destroy itself in a nuclear conflict in the not too distant future. Lets hope there's time yet to change!