Government Consultation on Trident


It is not yet known how the government intends to consult on the White Paper on the Replacement of Trident Nuclear Submarines as a platform for nuclear weapons that was published on 4th December 2006. However it's own rules are clear. The six consultation criteria are as follows:

1.Consult widely throughout the process,allowing a minimum of 12 weeks for written consultation at least once during the development of the policy.

2.Be clear about what your proposals are, who may be affected, what questions are being asked and the time scale for responses.

3.Ensure that your consultation is clear, concise and widely accessible.

4.Give feedback regarding the responses received and how the consultation process influenced the policy.

5.Monitor your department ’s effectiveness at consultation,including through the use of a designated consultation co-ordinator.

6.Ensure your consultation follows better regulation best practice,including carrying out a Regulatory Impact Assessment if appropriate.