Keeping nuclear weapons or tackling climate change?



Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR)'s analysis of the proposed Replacement of Trident presentation at parliamentary seminar is at:

Government and industry data is analysised to determine the degree to which Trident replacement could undermine action on climate change. It concludes there is significant
threat - due to competition for both funding and skills.

SRG is an independent UK-based organisation of scientists, architects, engineers, and technologists promoting ethical science, design and technology.


"Many strong arguments have been made for not replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system (or indeed maintaining it) [1], e.g.:

UK is safer from large-scale military attack than at any time in its history

It is no defence against current security threats, especially terrorists

It undermines our efforts to encourage other countries to not develop/ reduce nuclear weapons

It could be counter to our obligations under international arms treaties, undermining global arms control"