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NIS videoblog: Making sense of the Strategic Defence and Security Review

NIS videoblog: Making sense of the Strategic Defence and Security Review

Our new video blog shows an interview with NIS Director Peter Burt about key recent government announcements on defence, nuclear weapons, and government spending: the Strategic Defence and Security Review; the National Security Strategy; and the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Hansard on Nuclear Disarmament, 9th June 2008

*9 Jun 2008 : Column 3W*

     Nuclear Disarmament

*Mr. Dai Davies:* To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs with reference to the answer of 18 July 2007, /Official Report,/ column 409W, on nuclear disarmament, what progress has been made by the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston in taking forward proposals to develop a disarmament laboratory. [208320]

Dropping the Bomb

Do we need to worry about nuclear weapons any more? After the end of the Cold War, the world stepped back from the brink of mutually-assured annihilation and nuclear stockpiles were halved. But nukes haven't gone away. In fact, they are undergoing something of a renaissance. India, Pakistan and North Korea have all recently joined the nuclear club. The US, Russia, Britain, China and France are spending billions on 'modernizing' their nuclear arsenals. So why are disarmament campaigners so upbeat?

Conference on 'Is Just War Possible?'

Conference Report- Is a Just War Possible? Cumberland Lodge, 17th March 2008

No surprise

Until we examine out approach to war and decide that there must be other means of resolving international differences, we are all doomed to share responsibility for this lack of care.


White Paper Answers

White Paper on the Replacement of Trident 4 December 2007, Answers to Questions posed in the Foreword to the White Paper.

No evidence that nuclear weapons deterred

No evidence that nuclear weapons deterred

Your Letters, The Herald, (Scotland) June 26 2006 


Trident replacement questions

Simple questions to ask those supporting nuclear weapons,

Government Consultation on Trident

It is not yet known how the government intends to consult on the White Paper on the Replacement of Trident Nuclear Submarines as a platform for nuclear weapons that was published on 4th December 2006. However it's own rules are clear. The six consultation criteria are as follows:

1.Consult widely throughout the process,allowing a minimum of 12 weeks for written consultation at least once during the development of the policy.

2.Be clear about what your proposals are, who may be affected, what questions are being asked and the time scale for responses.

Keeping nuclear weapons or tackling climate change?

Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR)'s analysis of the proposed Replacement of Trident presentation at parliamentary seminar is at