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Appeal refused on Trident

Judicial Review of the government's decision to renew the Trident nuclear weapons system

High Court, London, 27th January 2009

Judicial Review of the government's decision to renew the Trident nuclear weapons system

We have now submitted our Appeal Skeleton Argument. The MoD have an opportunity to answer our points, then a High Court judge looks at both papers to assess the chances of a successful Appeal. If s/he refuses an Appeal, we have the right to an oral hearing when our barrister puts our case in the high court. If we are granted an Appeal on the papers alone, work starts to prepare the case in detail.

Judicial Review of Trident Replacement

On Tuesday 10th June, Mr. Justice Simon refused the Nuclear Information Service (NIS) permission to bring a Judicial Review of the Government's White Paper, 'The Future of the United Kingdom's Nuclear Deterrent', published on 4 December 2006. Judge Simons did not accept that The White Paper's assertion of compatibility of the Government's decision to replace the UK's nuclear weapons system with its international law obligations requires adjudication by a Court.

High Court to Hear Uranium Case

Bethesda's USEC Argues to Impose Anti-Dumping Duties on French Firm implications not only for the energy industry but also for efforts to dismantle some nuclear weapons.

NIS Legal Challenge to the UK Government's Trident Replacement

NIS legal challenge to the UK government decision to replace the Trident nuclear weapons system until 2050.

On Tuesday 10th June 2008, the high court will hear the NIS case for challenging the government's plan to renew the Trident nuclear weapons system. Grounds for the claim are that the government failed to carry out a promised Consultation and that building a new nuclear system is contrary to international law and the Non- Proliferation Treaty.

Press Release - Public Interest Lawyers


Friday 30 March 2007
Subject:        Trident Replacement

Time:             10 am

Location:      High Courts of Justice, The Strand, London

Legal Opinion

NIS launches a legal challenge to the government to honour its promise to
consult on Trident replacement. In the Legal Opinion provided to Peacerights and NIS by Michael Fordham QC and Naina Patel also include the opinion that the government is wrong in law not to comply with the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

view or download: Legal Opinion

Press Release on Trident White Paper

Press Release, 8 March 2007

Peacerights and the Nuclear Information Service are calling for governmental accountability on questions of illegality and due process regarding the replacement of Trident proposed in the Government’s White Paper, ‘The Future of the United Kingdom’s Nuclear Deterrent’, published on 4 December 2006.