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Nuclear safety event reported every fortnight at Atomic Weapons Establishment

An official record of nuclear incidents has revealed that over the last three years over eighty safety-related events were reported to government safety inspectors by the factory where Britain's nuclear weapons are designed and built – an average of more than two every month.

Clyde nuclear contractors dodge accident compensation costs

Private companies contracted to operate the Clyde nuclear submarine bases are being given a multi-million pound exemption by the Ministry of Defence to relieve them from paying compensation and clean-up costs in the event of a major accident.

Navy warship accidentally fires torpedo at Devonport nuclear dockyard

The Royal Navy is investigating an incident in which a dummy torpedo was accidentally fired from a warship at a dockyard where nuclear powered submarines are berthed and maintained.

Three incidents in six months at submarine reactor manufacturing plant

The government's nuclear safety regulator has revealed that during the second half of 2013 three incidents took place at the site operated by Rolls-Royce Marine Power Operations Ltd (RRMPOL) in Derby where reactors for the UK's nuclear powered submarines are produced.  

Action plan exposes difficulties in response to 2010 fire at AWE

An emergency planning action plan prepared by West Berkshire Council in the aftermath of the fire which took place in an explosives manufacturing facility at AWE Aldermaston in August 2010 has highlighted difficulties faced by emergency services in responding to the fire.

Flawed MoD nuclear response could place emergency personnel at risk

Significant safety problems have been exposed in the Ministry of Defence (MoD) response to an accident involving nuclear weapons after an emergency exercise in East Anglia last year.