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Concerns Over Nuclear Installations Report

The most recent Nuclear Installations Report on AWE can be found at:

There are less worrying points than in the previous quarter's report but concern is still expressed about operations at Burghfield. The following agreement suggests that disassembly is only allowed to continue at a low level.

AWE Aldermaston gets Planning approval from West Berks

AWE Aldermaston gets Planning approval from West Berks. Council to build  two major office blocks to accommodate up to 1,400 new staff. Objections from a wide range of people, including Aldermaston Parish Council were over-ruled. The approval will be endorsed on 30th January, subject to the completion of a legal agreements.


Withdrawal of Public Inquiry for houses opposite AWE

The Public Inquiry fixed for a six-day Hearing in February at  West Berkshire Council Offices in Newbury on the Banger Racing Site Planning Application opposite AWE Aldermaston's A90 complex has been withdrawn. No reason is given in the notice to West Berks. Council who received a two-line official letter today from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Massive Protest at AWE

Massive protest at AWE, Tues, November 28 2006

Local Press report on issues surrounding Greenpeace protest against Government plans to replace Britain's nuclear weapons at AWE. The Newbury Weekly News reported that a huge anti-nuclear protest took place at Aldermaston’s Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) yesterday (Monday 28 November). Although in common with many commentators, it remained confused between nuclear weapons and the old cold-war concept "deterrence".

NIS Objection to New AWE Offices

To: West Berkshire Council (WBC) Planning Committee. Objection to Application Number: 06/02326/FULMAJ, AWE Aldermaston Nuclear Weapons Development Office Accommodation

AWE Major Office Plans

NIS Update 25th October 2006, AWE Major Office Plans. Public Consultation closing date for objections.

Developments at AWE Aldermaston

A new Planning Application has been made by MOD to West Berks. Council for new office accommodation at AWE, Paices Hill (circa 21,000 m²) plus associated landscaping including water features. Car park for circa 1,500 vehicles plus associated landscaping and access. Construction related infrastructure including access road, car parking, reception building, gate house, facilities management building, wheel washing facilities, use of land for construction compound, fencing gates and ancillary facilities.


NIS Update October 2006

NIS Update October 2006 Housing Developments near AWE

AWE Orion Laser Could take on US Warhead Design and Testing

AWE Laser Could take on US Warhead Design and Testing

Was USA Aldermaston planned in 1993? Tri Valley Cares, the anti-nuclear NGO local to Lawrence Livermore Laboratories site in California has been opposing the National Ignition Facility since 1994. Given the lead time for such projects, we can assume that the original design and plans have now been overtaken by new science.