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AWE’s nuclear waste plan: send it to Sellafield

Sellafield seen from the beach. Image: Ashley Coates, Flickr

The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) plan to send up to 5,000 barrels of Higher Activity Waste to Sellafield for treatment and storage.

Defence Police Federation Chief denounces 'spine chilling' job cuts

The Chairman of the Defence Police Federation, has denounced plans for futher cuts to the number of officers

Cuts to Ministry of Defence police raise Trident security concerns

Eamon Keating, the chairman of the Defence Police Federation, has warned that cuts to the Ministry of Defence Police could place the security of the UK's Trident nuclear weapons at risk.

Overstretched nuclear police force poses risk to security, warns report

Police guarding Britain’s nuclear weapons bases and other sensitive military facilities are so overstretched that officers are forced to work “huge amounts” of overtime to maintain security, a Ministry of Defence report has warned.

Submarine test reactor at Dounreay shut down for final time

Vulcan site at Dounreay

The Royal Navy's nuclear submarine test reactor at the Vulcan site at Dounreay has been shut down for the final time, paving the way towards defuelling and decommissioning of the site.

Shortlist of potential storage sites for submarine radioactive waste published

The Ministry of Defence has published a shortlist of five nuclear sites across the UK which it has  identified as potential locations for the storage of radioactive waste from disused nuclear-powered submarines.

Privatised nuclear warhead store escapes civil nuclear safety regime

Government safety watchdogs have decided that regulation of Scotland's nuclear bomb store is to remain outside the civil nuclear safety regime, even though operation of the site has been handed over from the Ministry of Defence to a consortium of private companies.

Coulport nuclear weapons store to remain exempt from scrutiny by government nuclear watchdog

New arrangements for private sector management of work at the Coulport nuclear weapons store in Scotland will not require the site to be licensed under the regulatory regime for the nuclear sector, according to the Office for Nuclear Regulation.

Coulport nuclear weapons store to be privatised

AWE will head a commercial alliance that will take over operation of the site where the UK's nuclear weapons are stored from February 2012.

The private sector alliance, comprising of AWE as the prime contractor with Babcock and Lockheed Martin Strategic Systems (UK) as subcontractors, will undertake the highly sensitive role of managing Trident nuclear warheads and missiles stored at the Royal Naval Armaments Depot at Coulport, on Loch Long in Scotland.