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Ministry of Defence censors nuclear safety reports

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The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has withheld information on its nuclear safety record from its annual safety reports for the last two years, claiming that to release them would endanger national security.

AWE emergency exercise finds shortcomings in media and scientific advice

ALDEX 16 command and control structure, taken from debrief document

In 2016 a major emergency exercise focussed on the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), Aldermaston, identified shortcomings in providing accurate information to the media and integrating scientific and technical advice into the emergency response, acc

Skills shortage threatens MoD nuclear programmes

A shortage of skilled nuclear personnel within the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Royal Navy is “the principal threat to the delivery of nuclear safety”, according to an internal MoD report.

Nuclear safety event reported every fortnight at Atomic Weapons Establishment

An official record of nuclear incidents has revealed that over the last three years over eighty safety-related events were reported to government safety inspectors by the factory where Britain's nuclear weapons are designed and built – an average of more than two every month.

Staffing and organisational change highlighted as key challenges to MoD nuclear safety

Staffing issues and organisational change remain the biggest safety challenges to the UK's military nuclear programme according to a report published by an internal Ministry of Defence safety regulator.

Increase in number of nuclear safety incidents sparks concern over safety standards at Clyde submarine bases

The number of safety incidents recorded at the UK's Trident nuclear submarine and weapons bases on the Clyde estuary has shown a sharp increase according to internal Ministry of Defence documents.

Sex, drugs and violence: Coronation Street plot lines? No - all in a day’s work for USAF nuclear missile teams.

Drug abuse, cheating, and drunkenness may sound like plotlines from a television soap opera, but they are real life issues currently confronting the US Air Force's nuclear missile launch crews.