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Nuclear convoy breakdown causes 45 minute halt on motorway

Photo of the convoy stopped on the hard shoulder. Image credit: Nukewatch

A broken-down armoured personnel carrier caused a nuclear weapon convoy to halt for 45 minutes

Video - Remembering West Dean

Remembering West Dean - full version with extra interview footage

A video telling the story of one of the case studies in our new report

MoD side-steps nuclear transport hazard warning regulations

A secret decision to exempt Ministry of Defence nuclear transport arrangements from hazard warning legislation has been revealed as a result of questioning by Members of Parliament.

Trident warhead decommissioning continues at a slow pace, says Nukewatch

Movements of the United Kingdom's nuclear warhead arsenal continue at a baseline level and suggest that decommissioning of warheads from the Trident warhead stockpile is slowly taking place, according to an annual summary of warhead convoy movements for the year 2013 published by the Nukewatch network.