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Trident warhead carriers on M25 near Kings Langley flyover

Three TCHD Trident warhead carriers on M25 near Kings Langley flyover at Hemel Hempstead on Monday 9th January 2006. This was a the first day of a 5-day exercise before the operation to move warheads from AWE Burghfield to Scotland the following week.

Oxford Mail: How safe are we?

The prospect of highly volatile nuclear material being transported past our front doors is an unnerving one, to say the least.

So protesters were right to turn out at the weekend to highlight the practice and demand that safer methods of moving it to be adopted.

Whether or not their calls will be heeded is another matter.

Oxford Mail: Campaigners criticise A34 nuclear convoys

Peace campaigners at a rally in Oxford vowed to keep up the pressure on the Ministry of Defence to decommission Trident nuclear weapons.

Hansard on Trident and Nuclear Transport

Hansard- Trident and Nuclear Transport

Trident, 7 April 2005 : Column 1769W

2002 Truck Cargo Heavy Duty (TCHD) Warhead Convoy

Trident nuclear warheads are transported around Britain between the places of manufacture - at AWEs Aldermaston and Burghfield in southern England - to the storage and loading facilities at Coulport in Scotland, for deployment on Britain's four Trident nuclear submarines.