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'Massive cover-up' over UK – France submarine collision

An account by a Royal Navy submariner who has blown the whistle on poor safety standards in the Trident nuclear weapons programme has provided new information about an underwater collision involving two nuclear armed submarines.

Secret MoD manual acknowledges risks posed by Trident missile fuel

Information from a Royal Navy whistleblower has confirmed that the dangers from an accident involving a Trident nuclear weapon are more serious than the Ministry of Defence has said publicly.

UK announces reduction in operationally deployed warhead capability

The UK has reduced numbers of its operationally available nuclear warheads and deployed Trident missiles, reaching a “key milestone” which, according to Ministers, demonstrates the UK's “continued leadership” within the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Confusion over pledge to reduce number of missile tubes in new Trident submarines

The government is facing accusations that it has misled the public and the international community over the number of missiles which could be carried on the 'Successor' class Trident replacement submarines following the disclosure of details of a contract to build missile tubes for a new submarine.

Trident Commission calls for delay in replacement decision

Britain should retain its Trident nuclear weapons system but delay the decision on replacing it, says Commision.

'Misunderstandings' led to breach of nuclear reactor compartment during refit work on Trident submarine

Errors during maintenance work resulted in a breach in the primary containment of the reactor compartment for HMS Vengeance, one of the submarines that carry the Royal Navy's Trident nuclear weapons, during refit work last year at Devonport dockyard.

Independent Scotland could face choice between Trident or Nato

An independent Scotland might face a tough battle to become a member of Nato if it insists on removing Trident nuclear weapons, according to a report by the Scotland Institute.

Privatised nuclear warhead store escapes civil nuclear safety regime

Government safety watchdogs have decided that regulation of Scotland's nuclear bomb store is to remain outside the civil nuclear safety regime, even though operation of the site has been handed over from the Ministry of Defence to a consortium of private companies.