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Hansard on Nuclear Weapons, 10th June 2008

10 Jun 2008 : Column 120W, Nuclear Weapons

Mr. Dai Davies: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence whether the UK Trident warhead complies with the guideline that insensitive high explosive should be used for the supercharge in a nuclear weapon, as specified in JSP 538 regulation of the nuclear weapon programme, Annex G, on safety principles and guidelines for nuclear weapons systems. [209190]

SNP Group Aims to Dump Trident

The Scottish government has set up an expert group to investigate how best to get rid of nuclear weapons, the Sunday Herald can reveal. The group, to be chaired by Bruce Crawford MSP, the minister for parliamentary business, is seen by many as a crucial step towards making Scotland a nuclear-free nation - and could trigger a confrontation with Westminster.

The Hidden Human Cost of Trident 2007

Download The Hidden Human Cost of Trident 2007 in pdf format here.

Counting the cost of the UK's next nuclear deterrent

It wasn’t quite a throwback to the Cold War era of rowdy Commons debates and campaigners chained to the gates of Greenham Common. But last week’s rebellion over the UK’s nuclear arsenal was still sizeable. It also drew a major parallel with the past: ministers, officials and the public have little idea how much the controversial nuclear deterrent will cost.

Hansard on Trident January - March 2007

25.01.07 - 06.03.07, Hansard - Written Answers to Questions, 22 Jan 2007 : Column 1555W Trident
Norman Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence in which year he expects that the Trident nuclear capability would, if not upgraded, become obsolete. [116808]

Quaker Anti-Trident poster

Poster courtesy of Quakers

Credit: Quaker Peace & Social Witness, 2007. Download a full size pdf version here.

Press Release on Trident Replacement White Paper

Press Release, 1700 hrs 04/12/06, Government White Paper on Trident Replacement

Misleading Statement

The PM uses the term 'deterrence' and 'nuclear weapons' interchangeably, suggesting that they have the same meaning. But this is misleading. Nuclear ‘deterrence’ was a 1980’s doctrine that had many elements including survival exercises to ‘prove’ we could endure a nuclear war and bunkers for national and local authorities.

January 2006 Update

2002 Strategy Plan for the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston

Proposal: DOE Circular 18/84 Laser research facility (Orion) 05/02003/RESMAJ

AWE Laser before West Berks. Planning Committee for the Fourth Time

Hansard on Trident and Nuclear Transport

Hansard- Trident and Nuclear Transport

Trident, 7 April 2005 : Column 1769W