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Key documents from Information Tribunal hearing on DNSR report

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MOD Information Tribunal

Witness statements and skeleton arguments submitted to the tribunal

Ministry of Defence censors nuclear safety reports

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The MoD claims that to release the reports would endanger national security

UK, US and France: ‘Ban Treaty will never apply to us’

Ambasadors from the UK, US and France hold a press conference outside Nuclear Ban negotiations in March. Picture taken from Acronym institute website

The UK, US and France have stated their intention to never join the nuclear ban treaty

Ministry of Defence reviews command arrangements to sort out nuclear weapons “mess”

Senior civil servants have handed David Cameron proposals to radically reshape the way in which the UK's nuclear weapons programme is managed, following a confidential review undertaken by  the Ministry of Defence.

UK announces reduction in operationally deployed warhead capability

The UK has reduced numbers of its operationally available nuclear warheads and deployed Trident missiles, reaching a “key milestone” which, according to Ministers, demonstrates the UK's “continued leadership” within the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Trident replacement programme 'on target' as spending passes £1.2 billion

Spending to date on the programme to replace the submarines which carry the UK's Trident nuclear weapons has now reached a total of £1.24 billion, according to an annual progress report published by the Ministry of Defence.