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UK military expenditure set to fall below NATO target of two per cent

A new study by the Royal United Services Institute indicates that Britain's defence spending will for the first time fall below a NATO target of 2 per cent of GDP in 2015 – at the same time that the government is urging other European nations to meet the target.

European Union updates nuclear safety rules

The European Union has formally adopted new laws aimed at tightening safety standards and improving the regulation of nuclear facilities in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Obama approves renewal of secret US-UK nuclear weapons agreement

A controversial treaty which allows the transfer of nuclear weapons technology between the USA and the UK has been given top-level go-ahead for renewal for a further ten years.

US - UK nuclear co-operation agreement undermines global non-proliferation efforts

A controversial agreement which allows nuclear weapons technology to be shared between the United States of America and the United Kingdom undermines global non-proliferation efforts and should be reformed to make it relevant to work aimed at preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.

Ministry of Defence equipment procurement performance improving – but risks remain

The Ministry of Defence’s equipment procurement budget is now more stable,  but there are still risks to the affordability of the military equipment plan according to an annual review from the government's auditor.

Deeper debate needed on Trident replacement and defence needs, says new report

Britain's nuclear weapons are irrelevant to any existing and foreseeable threats posed by foreign states and there is an urgent need for a wider and more informed public and parliamentary debate about their replacement, according to a new study published by the Nuclear Education Trust (NET).