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Government shelves plans to privatise defence procurement

Government plans to privatise the procurement of military equipment are to be abandoned after only one contractor proved willing to run the scheme following the withdrawal of other bidders from a tendering process.  

Alternatives to Trident take centre stage as senior politicians question need for new nuclear weapons

As Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander hits out at spending billions on replacing Trident, other senior politicians have added their voices to the growing criticism of government plans for new nuclear weapons.

UK government outlines position on Trident and Scottish independence vote

The UK's coalition government insists that independence for Scotland would not result in the UK abandoning its nuclear weapons even though finding alternatives to the current nuclear bases on the Clyde estuary would have a “huge cost” and would be an “enormous exercise”.

Nukewatch: Warhead convoy monitoring indicates that UK has commenced decommissioning warheads

Nuclear warhead convoy

  The Ministry of Defence has commenced work to meet a government commitment to reduce the overall size of the UK's nuclear warhead stockpile according to the Nukewatch network, which monitors the movements of warhead convoys.

Secrecy over military equipment costs 'makes a mockery of Government openness claims'

The costs of some of the most expensive and controversial military procurement programmes are to remain shrouded in secrecy despite a government promise to disclose spending on all contracts valued over £25,000.

Report warns that MoD nuclear safety is deteriorating

The safety of the MoD's nuclear programmes is under threat in the medium term from a lack of finance and suitably competent staff, according to the Defence Nuclear Environment and Safety Board (DNESB), which oversees nuclear and radiological safety and environmental protection in the MoD.