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Deteriorating military safety performance puts public and environment at risk

An official annual report has found “significant weaknesses” in the Ministry of Defence's safety performance and plots a deteriorating trend in military safety.

Review of UK nuclear safety identifies lessons from Fukushima

The Health and Safety Executive's Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has completed an interim assessment of the implications of the Fukushima nuclear emergency in Japan and concluded that the UK nuclear industry can learn a number of lessons from the incident, although the current operations of UK nuclear plants need not be curtailed.

Trident Initial Gate - here at last!

Word cloud showing the frequency of words in the Ministry of Defence Initial Gate report.

Defence Secretary Liam Fox has announced that approval has been given to go ahead with the detailed design phase of development of new submarines planned to replace the current Vanguard class vessels which carry the UK's Trident nuclear weapons.

Nuclear submarine programme should be considered in Fukushima review, says NIS

Nuclear Information Service is calling for the Royal Navy's nuclear propulsion programme to be included within the scope of the Health and Safety Executive's review of the UK nuclear industry following the Fukushima nuclear accident.

The UK's nuclear submarines are powered by pressurised water reactors (PWR) but, according to an official report, the Navy's nuclear reactor programme “currently falls short of current relevant good practice.

NIS videoblog: The UK - Norway Initiative

NIS videoblog: The UK - Norway Initiative

Our new video blog shows an interview with Andreas Persbo, Executive Director of VERTIC, about the ground-breaking UK – Norway Initiative on disarmament verification. The UK – Norway Initiative has brought researchers from the two nations together to investigate the science of verification of the dismantling of nuclear warheads, and VERTIC has acted as the independent non-government observer for the programme.

Anglo-French nuclear co-operation agreement: New briefing from NIS

Under the terms of a new treaty Britain and France intend to collaborate on nuclear warhead technology for the next 50 years. The agreement, announced by UK Prime Minister David Cameron and France's President Nicolas Sarkozy, commits the two nations to undertake a joint programme of co-operation on nuclear weapon technology at a new hydrodynamics research facility at Valduc in France and a joint Technology Development Centre at the Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston.

NIS videoblog: Making sense of the Strategic Defence and Security Review

NIS videoblog: Making sense of the Strategic Defence and Security Review

Our new video blog shows an interview with NIS Director Peter Burt about key recent government announcements on defence, nuclear weapons, and government spending: the Strategic Defence and Security Review; the National Security Strategy; and the Comprehensive Spending Review.

The National Security Strategy in a nutshell

The government today published its new National Security Strategy: 'A Strong Britain in an Age of Uncertainty'. The strategy outlines the threats that the government considers Britain faces over the next 20 years, and outlines a set of tasks that will be undertaken to address these threats.

Osborne: no extra cash for Trident

How the 'Sun' portrayed the dispute between Liam Fox and George Osborne