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Watch our new video blog about President Obama's arms control agenda

Our new video blog shows an interview with NIS Director Peter Burt about the implications of the new US-Russia START arms control treaty and the contradictions in President Obama's arms control programme.


Defence Review must consider Trident nuclear weapons

The UK's nuclear weapons must be included in the post-election Strategic Defence Review, says the Nuclear Information Service (NIS) in a formal response to the government's recent Defence Green Paper.

Government must consult openly on Plutonium management

The government must consult in an open and transparent manner on
proposals for the long term management of plutonium says NIS in response to a consultation paper on options for the long term management of plutonium.

Greenpeace investigation shows that replacing Trident will cost £97 billion

An investigation by Greenpeace has shown that the costs of replacing Trident will total £97 billion over the whole life of the project- far above the £20 billion figure usually quoted by the government.

Investment spending at AWE rockets to £1 billion per year

Hidden amongst the small print of parliamentary minutiae and issued during the summer recess, the Ministry of Defence has released a Ministerial Statement announcing how much money will be spent at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) on investment and upgrade work over the next three years.


NIS calls for end to plutonium production

NIS has called for the UK's stocks of plutonium to be treated as waste, and for production of plutonium to cease as quickly as possible.

Emergency Planning for Climate Change

Report from the 'Civil Contingencies: Towards Better Leadership and Resilience in Local Emergency Planning Structures' conference

Tuesday 11th November 2008 Institute of Mechanical Engineering, One Birdcage Walk, Westminster, London



NEW NIS Submission to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY CONSULTATION

Global Security: Non-Proliferation

NIS argues that the risks posed by British nuclear weapons production and road transport of warheads threaten each individual citizen and our way of life. Additionally,
the risk of a criticality event at the substandard warhead assembly/disassembly facilities at AWE Burghfield is also unacceptable and unjustifiable.

Read the NIS submission to the FCO.

Proposed compensation to communities near nuclear waste sites

Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste has to be stored at all nuclear facilities including AWE Aldermaston. Decommissioned submarines waste also has to be stored for many years.

Independent Nuclear Deterrent

From: Ministry of Defence Annual Report and Accounts 2007-2008 Volume I: (page 39)

"28. The UK’s Trident submarine force has maintained a continuous and independent nuclear deterrent capability at sea, in support of NATO and as the ultimate guarantee of our national security."