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UK announces reduction in operationally deployed warhead capability

The UK has reduced numbers of its operationally available nuclear warheads and deployed Trident missiles, reaching a “key milestone” which, according to Ministers, demonstrates the UK's “continued leadership” within the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Trident replacement programme 'on target' as spending passes £1.2 billion

Spending to date on the programme to replace the submarines which carry the UK's Trident nuclear weapons has now reached a total of £1.24 billion, according to an annual progress report published by the Ministry of Defence.

Deeper debate needed on Trident replacement and defence needs, says new report

Britain's nuclear weapons are irrelevant to any existing and foreseeable threats posed by foreign states and there is an urgent need for a wider and more informed public and parliamentary debate about their replacement, according to a new study published by the Nuclear Education Trust (NET).

Defence Committee calls for improvements in Ministry of Defence financial management information

The Ministry of Defence must improve the amount and quality of the information it provides in its annual report and accounts. according to a report from the House of Commons Defence Committee.

Defence Committee slams Ministry of Defence over poor accounting standards

Financial management standards in the Ministry of Defence (MoD) have been slammed by an influential committee of Members of Parliament, which has criticised the Ministry for having “a worrying lack of financial expertise”.

Scottish Government calls for talks on Trident

The Scottish Government has called for talks on removing Trident from Scotland ahead of  next year's independence referendum.

Alternatives to Trident take centre stage as senior politicians question need for new nuclear weapons

As Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander hits out at spending billions on replacing Trident, other senior politicians have added their voices to the growing criticism of government plans for new nuclear weapons.

Scottish Affairs Committee reports on Trident and Scottish independence

Scottish independence could result in nuclear disarmament being imposed upon the United Kingdom for an indeterminate period, according to a report published by the UK Parliament's Scottish Affairs Committee.