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New Report - Trouble Ahead

Cover image from the 'Trouble Ahead' report

This report looks at the problems arising in the UK nuclear weapons programme, the overall total cost of the programme and the need for policy changes to address a situation that is becoming increasingly unsustainable.

Playing With Fire: Nuclear Weapons Incidents and Accidents in the United Kingdom

Nuclear Weapons Accidents Report

NIS has released a report examining the accident record of the UK's nuclear weapons programme over its 65 year history, looking across the full scope of the programme and describing the most significant incidents in detail.

The report describes 110 accidents, near misses, and dangerous occurrences

What does NATO need from Britain?


A new paper from Nuclear Information Service examines various ways in which the United Kingdom can contribute politically, economically, and strategically to NATO.

US - UK nuclear co-operation agreement undermines global non-proliferation efforts

A controversial agreement which allows nuclear weapons technology to be shared between the United States of America and the United Kingdom undermines global non-proliferation efforts and should be reformed to make it relevant to work aimed at preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.