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NIS Updates

NIS Update: March 2014

The NIS Update newsletter for March contains news about plans to drastically extend co-operation on nuclear warhead physics between the UK and France, and two new reports which stake out the ground for debate over the decision on Trident replacement. Radioactive waste issues are under the spotlight at the Atomic Weapons Establishment, with regulators considering enforcement action against the Establishment over waste processing and news that Establishment sites have been shortlisted as candidates for the storage of radioactive waste from decommissioned submarines.

NIS Update: January 2014

Our NIS Update newsletter for January 2014 contains coverage of the Defence Secretary's annual report to Parliament on progress with the Trident replacement programme and a new analysis of the costs of the Trident replacement programme from the Royal United Services Institute.  We report on security shortfalls among police officers at the Atomic Weapons Establishment and also publish the results of our annual review of standards of openness and transparency at the Establishment.

NIS Update: October 2013

Our first issue of NIS Update since the summer contains news about enforcement action at the Atomic Weapons Establishment following a tritium leak; a threat to nuclear safety posed by a power failure at Devonport nuclear submarine base; and action taken by local councils and emergency services to block plans to reduce the size of the nuclear emergency planning zone at the Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston.

NIS Update: July - August 2013

The summer 2013 issue of NIS update includes news about the government's Trident Alternatives Review, an official report on nuclear safety performance within the Ministry of Defence, and problems during refit work of the Trident nuclear submarine HMS Vengeance.

NIS Update: June 2013

Our NIS Update newsletter for June 2012 contains news about the Health and Safety Executive's successful prosecution of AWE plc following the August 2010 fire at the Atomic Weapons Establishment, the construction programme to rebuild new nuclear submarine reactor core production facilities at the Rolls-Royce plant in Derby, and suspension of nuclear submarine berths in Scotland by the Ministry of Defence's nuclear safety regulator.

NIS Update: April - May 2013

This month's NIS Update newsletter contains news from the Non-Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Committee meeting currently underway in Geneva; two stories about difficulties facing the Royal Navy's fleet of nuclear powered submarines; and the inside story on the decision not to bring the arms depot which stored the UK's nuclear arsenal under the Office for Nuclear Regulation's licensing regime following privatisation.

NIS Update: March - April 2013

Our latest NIS Update newsletter contains news on Ministerial decisions about the next steps in the programme for dismantling out-of-service nuclear powered submarines and an update on court proceedings against the Atomic Weapons Establishment for breaches of safety laws.

NIS Update: March 2013

This month's NIS Update newsletter has news about reactor problems on board HMS Tireless, one of the Royal Navy's nuclear powered submarines, and on criticism for the Atomic Weapons Establishment from the Office for Nuclear Regulation following publication of a report on structural problems in buildings at AWE Aldermaston.  We report on a decision by the Norwegian government pension fund to withdraw investment from one of the companies involved in managing the Atomic Weapons Establishment, and on a new Ministry of Defence contract for construction of reactors for nuclear powered submarines.

NIS Update: January 2013

Our NIS Update newletter for January contains news about corrosion problems in one of the main manufacturing facilities at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), together with a report on progress with AWE's major projects programme - one of the largest construction programmes in the UK at present.  We report on recent comments by senior politicians questioning the need for replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system, and on the UK's government's recent statement on Trident and Scottish independence.

NIS Update: December 2012 - January 2013

This month's NIS Update newsletter contains news about an update from the Ministry of Defence on the Trident replacement programme and the findings of an independent inquiry into alternatives to work on Trident at the BAE Systems shipyard at Barrow, along with reports on faults to Astute class submarines and the latest information about the Atomic Weapons Establishment.