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Increase in number of nuclear safety incidents sparks concern over safety standards at Clyde submarine bases

The number of safety incidents recorded at the UK's Trident nuclear submarine and weapons bases on the Clyde estuary has shown a sharp increase according to internal Ministry of Defence documents.

Faslane radiation incident under investigation

An investigation is underway at the Faslane submarine base in the Clyde following an incident when a worker was accidentally exposed to radiation.

Navy warship accidentally fires torpedo at Devonport nuclear dockyard

The Royal Navy is investigating an incident in which a dummy torpedo was accidentally fired from a warship at a dockyard where nuclear powered submarines are berthed and maintained.

Devonport workers receive accidental radiation dose during submarine maintenance operation

Three workers at HM Naval Base Devonport have received an accidental intake of radioactive material following an incident during a submarine maintenance operation.

Ministry of Defence publishes list of submarine base nuclear safety incidents

A power supply failure to submarine berths, leakage from a tap left on in a radioactive waste tank, melting of an ice plug, and a loss of electricity caused when steam valves were mistakenly closed are among a series of unexpected events which have resulted in a string of nuclear incidents and near misses involving Britain's nuclear submarine fleet over the last five years.

Power loss at Devonport submarine base had 'potential nuclear implications'

An incident which left an electrical ring main at the base without power for over 90 minutes had “potential nuclear implications” according to an official report, leading to a risk that reactors on board nuclear powered submarines berthed in the dockyard could have overheated.

Scottish submarine berths suspended following 'inadequate' emergency exercises

Three recent exercises to test nuclear emergency planning arrangements in the event of an accident on board one of the Royal Navy's nuclear powered submarines have failed to meet standards set by Government safety regulators.

US submarine calls in to Faslane

Visiting submarine

A US Navy submarine – believed to be the sophisticated spy submarine USS Jimmy Carter – has been spotted visiting Scotland's Faslane submarine base on the Clyde estuary.

Regulator approves Devonport Dockyard safety review - with reservations

Despite reservations about unresolved safety issues, the Office for Nuclear Regulation has agreed to accept a safety assessment undertaken by Devonport Royal Dockyard Ltd for the nuclear submarine refuelling facility at HM Naval Base Devonport.  

Archive papers show Devonport selected over Rosyth for submarine refit work despite safety and cost risks

Devonport dockyard in Plymouth was selected as the sole site for refitting the Royal Navy's nuclear powered submarines by John Major's government even though the competing Rosyth dockyard in Fife would have been safer and cheaper to run, according to recently released archive papers.