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Safety improvements ordered at Devonport nuclear dockyard after worker is contaminated

The government's nuclear safety watchdog has ordered the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarine base at Devonport in Plymouth to improve safety after a string of incidents.

Staffing and organisational change highlighted as key challenges to MoD nuclear safety

Staffing issues and organisational change remain the biggest safety challenges to the UK's military nuclear programme according to a report published by an internal Ministry of Defence safety regulator.

Nuclear safety incidents soar at Clyde submarine base

The number of radiation safety incidents at the Clyde naval base where the UK's Trident nuclear weapons submarines are based has risen by more than 50 per cent over a year, according to figures released by the Ministry of Defence.

Increase in number of nuclear safety incidents sparks concern over safety standards at Clyde submarine bases

The number of safety incidents recorded at the UK's Trident nuclear submarine and weapons bases on the Clyde estuary has shown a sharp increase according to internal Ministry of Defence documents.

The day crustaceans crippled a nuclear submarine

How a Royal Navy submarine and crew was almost lost off the coast of Africa 2011.

'Stop work' notice issued following safety concerns during refit work on nuclear powered submarine HMS Trenchant at Devonport dockyard

Concerns about emergency response arrangements resulted in a 'stop work' notice being issued for refit work on a nuclear powered submarine at Devonport naval dockyard earlier this year, according to a report published by the government's nuclear safety regulator.

Navy staff shortages leave one in ten submarine crew posts unfilled

New figures released by the government reveal that more than one in ten posts are vacant across the Royal Navy's nuclear powered submarine fleet, raising concerns about risks to safety.

Rolls-Royce fined £200,000 after workers exposed to radiation

The company that builds nuclear reactors which power the Royal Navy's fleet of submarines has been fined £200,000 for breaches of safety and environmental laws following an incident in which members of staff were exposed to radiation.

Rolls-Royce pleads guilty to breaking safety laws after employees exposed to radiation

The company that builds the nuclear reactors which power the Royal Navy's fleet of submarines has pleaded guilty to seven charges of breaching safety and environmental laws after employees were exposed to high levels of radiation at one of the company's factories in Derby.