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Astute: seventeen month delay may impede Dreadnought programme

HMS Audacious in the Devonshire Dock Hall with HMS Anson (left) and HMS Agamemnon (right) under constrcution. Image credit: BAE Systems

Handover of HMS Audacious was due in August 2019, but is now expected to be January 2021.

MoD will not refuel HMS Victorious

HMS Vengeance in dry dock in Devonport. Image credit:Institute of Mechanical Engineers

The older HMS Vanguard, is currently undergoing maintenance and refuelling at a cost of £204m

Reactor safety figures for Navy's Astute class submarines published

Nuclear reactors on board the Royal Navy's Astute class submarines have been involved in over twenty safety-related events over the last year, according to official figures released by the Ministry of Defence.

Vanguard in to refit, Vengeance out

HMS Vanguard, the oldest of the UK's Trident nuclear missile submarines, has begun a four year refit at HM Naval Base Devonport.

£500 million refurbishment for Faslane announced by Chancellor

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has announced that at least £500 million will be spent at HM Naval Base Clyde to ready the base to receive new 'Successor' Trident replacement submarines and become the centre of UK submarine operations for the next generation.

Submarine test reactor at Dounreay shut down for final time

Vulcan site at Dounreay

The Royal Navy's nuclear submarine test reactor at the Vulcan site at Dounreay has been shut down for the final time, paving the way towards defuelling and decommissioning of the site.

Two submarines to move to Faslane under Navy's future submarine basing plan

The Ministry of Defence has announced that two of the Royal Navy's Trafalgar class submarines will move from their current base in Devonport to the Clyde as part of a long-term scheme to station all the Navy's submarines at a single base.

Artful launched as concerns over Barrow quay safety are addressed

Artful, the third of the Royal Navy's 'Astute' class attack submarines, was launched at the BAE Systems Barrow shipyard in May.