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Navy's oldest serving submarine returns to service following radioactive leak

HMS Tireless, one of the Royal Navy's Trafalgar class hunter-killer submarines, has returned to service following a leak of radioactive material into its reactor compartment earlier this year.

Fire on nuclear submarine HMS Torbay in Devonport Dockyard

A fire has broken out on the hull of the nuclear powered submarine HMS Torbay during maintenance work at Devonport Naval Dockyard.

Navy's newest submarine breaks down

HMS Ambush accompanied by tugs

The Royal Navy's newest nuclear powered submarine, HMS Ambush, has broken down just days after a commissioning ceremony at which it was formally welcomed into the Navy.

Police investigating fatal shooting shocked by binge drinking on nuclear submarine HMS Astute

An inquest into a fatal shooting on board one of the Navy's nuclear powered submarines has been told that police investigating the incident were so shocked by binge drinking among the crew that they wrote to military authorities to highlight their worries.

Trident submarine forced to dock in the USA following rudder failure

HMS Vigilant, one of the UK's Trident nuclear missile submarines, has been forced to dock for repairs at a US naval base having damaged its rudder in the Atlantic Ocean.

£2.7 billion contracts awarded for new Astute class submarines

The Ministry of Defence has awarded £2.7 billion of new contracts for construction of its planned fleet of Astute class attack submarines, despite costs overruns, severe delays, and concerns over quality of work on the vessels.

Design and construction failures afflict HMS Astute

HMS Astute, the flagship for the Royal Navy's newest class of nuclear powered submarines, is reportedly too slow to carry out some of its duties, is subject to leaking and is beginning to corrode in places according to the Guardian newspaper.