NIS Update: October 2013

Environment Agency warns Atomic Weapons Establishment following radioactive effluent investigation

The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) has been served with a formal warning letter and enforcement notice by a government environmental watchdog after increases in levels of tritium – a radioactive form of hydrogen – were found in the Aldermaston Stream.  Read more.


Enforcement action follows power loss at Devonport submarine base

The operators of the Devonport Royal Naval Dockyard have been served with a formal Improvement Notice by a government safety watchdog after an incident which left an electrical ring main at the base without power for over 90 minutes.  Read more.


Local councils block proposal to cut AWE Aldermaston emergency planning zone

Local councils and emergency services have blocked a bid to halve the area of a nuclear emergency planning zone surrounding the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston, despite a recommendation to scale down the zone by the government agency responsible for nuclear safety.  Read more.


Cabinet Office investigates Serco government contracts

Serco Group, one of the companies in the management consortium which operates the Atomic Weapons Establishment, is under investigation by a team from the Cabinet office following accusations that it has overcharged the Ministry of Justice by millions of pounds on contracts for tagging offenders.  Read more.


FOI release sheds new light on nuclear missile submarine collision

New information has emerged about an underwater collision which took place between a British and a French nuclear weapons submarine in the Atlantic Ocean in 2009.  Read more.


Video interview with 'Command and Control' author Eric Schlosser

Watch our exclusive video interview with Eric Schlosser, author of new book 'Command and Control' about the risks of nuclear weapons accidents.  Click here.

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