Council give go-ahead for AWE laser

Despite receiving hundreds of objections, last night West Berkshire Council Planning Committee gave the go-ahead for the Ministry of Defence – the landowner – (via the private consortium managing AWE) to build a new laser facility at AWE Aldermaston.

Objections to the facility – the first in a long list of new developments propsed for the site – were made by a wider range of people, including local residents, members of anti-nuclear and environmental groups, scientists and the local MP Martin Salter.

A spokesperson from the Nuclear Information Service commented "We think the Council is wrong not to take notice of the legal opinion and wrong not to take notice of the serious objectors who, like the councillors, have the welfare of the community at heart."

Related documents (all pdf):

  • Counsel’s Opinion on MoD Planning notice before West Berks Council Planning Committee on 17 December 2003 – Attachment: coun_op.pdf.
  • NIS presentation to West Berks Council Planning Committee on MoD – Attachment: wbc_dec03.pdf.
  • AWE history of recent convictions – Attachment: MoD_history.pdf.
  • Martin Salter MP’s letter to planning comitee – Attachment: salter.pdf.

Links (external):

Planning application for laser facility

AWE Site Development Strategy Plan

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