About Nuclear Information Service

Nuclear Information Service (NIS) is an independent, not-for-profit research organisation. We investigate the UK nuclear weapons programme and publish accurate and reliable information to stimulate informed debate on disarmament and related issues.

NIS was founded in 2000 as a distribution point for information collected by grass-roots groups about activity in the UK nuclear weapons programme. Our work is dedicated to uncovering the secrecy and challenging the myths about the UK’s nuclear weapons, particularly the warhead development programme at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE). Our local presence based close to AWE uniquely places us to undertake such work, and to press the Establishment to increase its accountability to neighbouring communities and the wider public.

Our vision: a peaceful and just world where nations do not feel the need to rely on nuclear weapons for their security.

Our mission: NIS seeks to inform, influence and encourage moves which lead speedily towards the verifiable disarmament of British nuclear weapons.

Our aims:

  • To provide critical, fact-based information about the utility, costs and risks of the UK’s nuclear weapons programme and the benefits of nuclear disarmament.
  • To stimulate informed public debate concerning the UK’s nuclear weapons programme and nuclear disarmament, especially amongst decision-makers and other influential actors.
  • To promote openness, transparency, and accountability as far as is possible within the UK’s nuclear weapons programme.


NIs has received grant funding from:

  • Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
  • Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust
  • Polden Puckham Charitable Trust
  • Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust
  • Greenpeace Environmental Trust
  • Marmot Trust
  • Martin Ryle Trust
  • Musicians for Peace
  • HT and LB Cadbury Charitable Trust
  • Scottish CND
  • Lansbury House Trust

We also rely on the generosity of individual donors to carry out our work. You can donate to NIS here.

Organisational values

Our organisational values are:

  • Showing professionalism, accountability, and transparency in our work.
  • Treating people fairly and with dignity.
  • Championing equality and diversity.
  • Acknowledging the climate emergency
  • Reducing or eliminating our use of non-renewable resources wherever possible
  • Aiming to end all fossil fuel use in our activities
  • Responding to the views and needs of our stakeholders by working to ensure stakeholders can rely on our findings, understand the sources of our data, trust us to be unbiased in our analysis, and be able to query and discuss our findings with us.
  • Reporting to our funders in a timely manner, and making the very best use of their donation, for the purpose intended.

We endeavour to adhere to these values in all of our activities.

Feedback and complaints

Nuclear Information Service aims to work to the highest standards of quality and accuracy. It is important to us to act responsibly and constructively in our relationships with the public and others we work with. If you feel that in our work or conduct Nuclear Information Service or any of our personnel have failed to live up to these standards we would like to know about it.

If you have a complaint about NIS or would like to give us feedback, you can contact us in the following ways:
By telephone: 0118 327 4935
By email: office(at)nuclearinfo.org
By letter: Nuclear Information Service, 35-39 London Street, Reading, RG1 4PS
Through this website: please use the webform on our contact page.

Please mark correspondence ‘Complaint – attention of NIS Chair. Confidential’. Your letter or email will be forwarded unopened to the Chair of our Board of Directors, who will address the matter as soon as possible.

We will acknowledge your complaint as soon as it has been received, and will contact you again to let you know what we intend to do about it after the matter has been investigated. All complaints received will be recorded and reported to our Board of Directors.

We aim for all information on this website to be as accurate as possible. If you would like to point out any errors of fact or report any broken weblinks, please use the form on our contact page.

Nuclear Information Service is registered in the United Kingdom as a company limited by guarantee:
Company number 4063238
Registered office: 35-39 London Street, Reading, RG1 4PS

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