Current AWE Planning Applications

Current AWE Planning Applications

On December 10th West Berks. Council received two applications from AWE for building projects. They appeared on the Planning List published on 20th December and the Site Notices were posted to the Defence Land Agent on 23rd December and then forwarded to AWE on 4th January. The earliest date AWE can have put them up to start the 21 days Objection clock ticking is today, 5th January 2005.

Planning Details
Planning No: 04/02977/FUL
Modular Office Accommodation at AWE
The proposed building will constitute a three storey unit of footprint 25 metres by 25 metres. Height to eaves will be a maximum of 11 metres. The building will provide accommodation for up to 150 personnel for support work for projects on AWE Sites. The projects will be in support of the programme to replace the large number of out dated buildings on site with modern purpose built facilities.

The proposed development is located approx. 75 metres from the site boundary, near to the man entrance and screened from the A340 by mature trees.

Planning N0: 04/02978/FUL
IT Service Stations at AWE
The proposed building will constitute one storey units. The proposed footprint of building 1 is 23 metres by 32 metres with a height to the ridge of 5.1 metres. The proposed footprint of building 2 is 81 metres by 23 metres with a height to the ridge of 5.1 metres. The buildings will provide accommodation for IT Equipment to support work as AWE Sites, and will be designed to comply with British Standards and The Building Regulations. They will be blast resistant modules inside steel clad buildings.

The proposed location for Building 1 is near the fence on Red Lane near Boiler House Gate, and for Building 2, the centre of the site, near the Citadel.

Additional Environmental Information

Both applications are made with AEI provided by AWE that state that the impact arising from the facilities is likely to be insignificant compared with the site total and that the buildings will not cause a significant negative impact to the local environment. Radiological discharges will be zero, very few residents will be affected and no environmental damage caused as brown/concrete sites are to be used. For more careful study of the Environmental Information and plans, you will need to go to West Berks Council in Market Street, Newbury during council office hours. Call 01635 519111 first to warn them so that they can have the file ready for you. Photocopies are available at a charge.

Grounds for Objection

A small increase in nuisance traffic and noise will occur during construction. Occasional light pollution (!) may also arise during construction.
A further building: 23 x 32 x 5.1 metres high will be unsightly from Red Lane.
Objections on these grounds are valid and should be considered.

  • Objections on grounds that the developments are part of a wider Strategy Plan to support new developments at AWE which could impact on the environment will probably not be accepted.
  • Objections to new developments at AWE on legal grounds may rest on the issue of radioactive discharges. HMG is not compliant with EC regulations to report to the EC any developments at a nuclear site, including military nuclear sites and has been given a final warning by the EC.
  • Objections on grounds of contravention of the NPT by preparing for developments that could include design, testing and manufacture of a new weapon will probably not be accepted.
  • Objections on moral grounds will probably not be accepted.


Public Inquiry


All Objections are valid and should be submitted and counted as evidence of public concern about AWE. Copies of Objections can be sent to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister with a letter calling for a Public Inquiry into the AWE Development Strategy Plan and the piecemeal way it is being implemented.

Clive Inwards
Planning Officer Council Offices
Market Street
RG14 5LD
01635 519111

The Office of Deputy Prime Minister
26 Whitehall
Tel: 020 7944 4400

The Planning Inspectorate
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay
Bristol BS1 6PN
Tel: 0117 372 8000

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