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NIS UPDATE                                            October 2006
Housing Developments near AWE
Reading Friends of the Earth report that government dictates have overruled regional concerns that more house-building in the Reading area is unsustainable. The proposed use of land around AWE for housing is part of the attempt by government to impose more housing on the south east. The smallest project, for 14 houses on the White Tower Nursery site in Aldermaston village and within the 3Km Aldermaston nuclear accident Counter Measure Zone, has been withdrawn. The planning application was not supported by the required documents, including environmental and infrastructure plans, so it may appear again at a later date. The following two plans are for major developments and developers are working hard to see their plans realised.
The dates are now set for the Public Inquiry into the Old Banger Racing Track development on Paices Hill, Aldermaston. The proposal is for 237 dwellings to be built opposite the new ‘Orion’ laser and the warhead fabrication plant at the north end of the AWE Aldermaston site. West Berks Council (WBC) refused the application on a variety of planning grounds in September and the developer has appealed, causing a public inquiry. The Planning Officer, Alan McMillen, thinks it is a clear-cut case against the development, but the Planning Inspector is not so sure and has allocated two sessions for Hearings:
Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th February and
Tuesday 13th to Wednesday 14 February 2007
at 10.00am each day
in the Council offices, Market Street, Newbury.
Anyone who has not already notified the Planning Inspectorate and who wishes to speak at the Inquiry is advised to be present on the first day at 10.00am, when the Inspector will ask who wishes to speak. It is expected that NAG will concentrate on environmental issues; NIS on safety and emergency planning and hopefully other groups will deal with legal and other issues.
KENNET VALLEY PARK  http://www.kennetvalleypark.com/
This is the biggy. The proposed planning is as follows:
“7,500 dwellings; social infrastructure including schools, health centres and indoor recreation facilities; utilities and infrastructure, including an Energy Centre incorporating a combined heat and power plant and wind turbine; clubhouses and facilities for angling, sailing and water skiing uses; excavation of bulk fill material; creation of a development platform through infilling; the stripping and movement of soil to form a Country Park; use of land for soil blending; construction of new access points to the A4 and A33, including bridges; the formation of a reservoir and associated intake and outfall arrangements.”
The Planning System Target Date is 27th November, but no ‘Actual Committee Date’ has been listed. Friends of the Earth and other organisations oppose this scheme and it is expected that the planning committee will refuse permission. At that point, it is expected to go to Appeal. More information will be circulated as soon as it becomes available.

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