Nuclear submarines use of the port of Southampton


August 1977 HMS SwiftFire
November 1978 HMS SwiftFire
May 1979 HMS Superb
Novermber 1979 HMS Dreadnought


June 1983 HMS Sceptre
September 1983 HMS Warspite
6th of August 1984 Southampton city is declared a nuclear free zone
March 1987 HMS Conqueror
1st July 1987 Southmapton city council rescinds nuclear free zone decision
March 1988 HMS Tireless
February 1989 HMS Churchill


Augst 1997 HMS Spartan


April 2000 HMS Splendid
July 2000 HMS Splendid
July 2000 USS Oklahoma City
2nd of May 2001 Southampton city council decides to withdraw the sotonsafe plan ending the use of the docks for nuclear submarines


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