Nuclear Weapons not wanted in Scotland

Political row over the future of nuclear weapons at base. Tina Kemp, Scottish Lennox Herald, 24nd Oct 2008.

A fresh row has erupted over the future of Faslane Naval Base. Defence Secretary John Hutton visited the base last week to reinforce the government’s pledge to keep nuclear weapons in Scotland.

But the SNP, which has committed itself to ridding the country of the weapons, used his visit to reinforce its message that Trident must go.

Westminster’s plans to replace the ageing Trident system are a direct challenge to the Scottish Government’s efforts to have it removed.

Mr Hutton described Faslane as “a vital part of our country’s defence” and said any decision to scrap Trident and its replacement would be an “incredible folly” and an act of “national vandalism”.

But Shadow Defence Minister, Angus Robertson, warned that rather than safeguarding employment, replacing Trident could cost Scotland and the Clyde 3000 jobs.

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