MoD Annual Performance Report 2007/8

Ministry of Defence Annual Performance Report 2007/8 page 73:

"The Astute class submarine programme – comparable in complexity to the Space Shuttle – has produced advances in nuclear science, materials technology, signal processing, welding, production engineering and acoustic science, and sustained leading edge nuclear reactor skills and techniques that will make a major contribution to the civil nuclear power programme.

The first of the new Astute class nuclear attack submarines was launched in June 2007."

page 137:

(Devonport to get £147M for decommissioning submarines)

" extension of the Devonport Future Nuclear facilities Partnering Agreement to cover £147M additional work to support docking, de-fuel, de-equip and lay-up preparation of nuclear submarines"

(Rolls Royce to get £1Bn for submarine reactor support)

"A £1Bn, ten year Partnering Contract with Rolls Royce Propulsion Engineering to provide in service support of nuclear propulsion plant for Swiftsure, Trafalgar, Vanguard and Astute Class Submarines. The performance and cost incentivised contract forms the first part of a long term strategic partnering and business transformation project."

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