Nuclear emergency planning: ‘Muddling through’ is not enough

Revelations about problems experienced by responders during the 'Exercise Senator 2011' nuclear weapons emergency exercise have helped expose a number of shortfalls in the Ministry of Defence's nuclear emergency planning arrangements.  The response to the Fukushima nuclear crisis   demonstrated the difficulties in providing protection to the public during a complex nuclear accident, and the resulting review of nuclear safety in the UK conducted by the Office for Nuclear Regulation made a number of recommendations relating to national emergency response arrangements.

In a presentation at a seminar on nuclear emergency planning organised by the Nuclear Free Local Authorities network (Glasgow City Hall, 20 September 2013) the Director of Nuclear Information Service, Peter Burt, will outline the scope of emergency planning arrangements for the UK's military nuclear programmes and identify a number of unresolved issues relating to public protection in the event of a nuclear accident.  The presentation will call for increased openness and transparency on nuclear emergency planning arrangements, increased engagement on emergency issues with local authorities and communities from the Ministry of Defence, and a full review of national nuclear emergency planning policies.


Download the presentation to the Nuclear Free Local Authorities seminar here:


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