NIS update: March 2021

Why is the UK reversing progress on disarmament?
NIS Director David Cullen analyses the government’s recent decision to increase the size of their nuclear warhead stockpile. Read more.
Webinar: Attitudes to nuclear weapon modernisation
Watch our recent webinar discussing the forthcoming NIS briefing on non-nuclear-weapon states’ concerns about nuclear weapon modernisation. Featuring briefing author Sanem Topal, Alicia Sanders-Zakre from ICAN, Dr Gry Thomasen from BASIC and David Cullen from NIS. Pre-order free hard copies of the briefing below. Published late April.
Coronavirus delays Dreadnought for one year
The government has announced that Delivery Phase 2 of the the Dreadnought submarine programme will be extended for a year due to coronavirus. They maintain that this will not affect the in-service date of the first submarine. Read more.
Work restarts on AWE uranium facility
The government has announced work on Project Pegasus will be restarted. The troubled project to build a new enriched uranium manufacturing facility at AWE Aldermaston is expected to cost more than the original £634m budget. Read more.
Developer challenge to Burghfield emergency zone fails
A High Court Judge has rejected an application by three property development companies to overturn an enlarged radiation emergency planning zone around AWE Burghfield. Read more.

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