NIS update: November 2022

Webinar: The life and work of John Ainslie 9 November 14:00
We will be reflecting on the contributions of the late nuclear weapons researcher and activist  to the peace and disarmament movement. His website ‘The Sword of Damocles’ published reports which are still relevant today. Opportunities to offer your own reflections. Read more
An introduction to our latest report by Dr Nick Ritchie
Nick Ritchie assesses the contribution of the latest NIS report, ‘Extreme Circumstances: The UK’s New Nuclear Warhead in Context’, to public understanding and democratic accountability. Read more
Ukraine, nuclear risks and the UK’s lower-yield capability
NIS Director David Cullen revisits his research into the UK’s lower-yield nuclear capability in light of current fears about Russian nuclear use in the Ukraine conflict. Read more
Babcock submarine safety failures
Two electrical safety failures in two months during nuclear submarine repair work resulted in improvement notices from the Office for Nuclear Regulation. Read more
Prohibition notice issued for Aldermaston plutonium facility
The Office for Nuclear Regulation has prohibited staff from entering an area with low oxygen at the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire. Read more

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