NIS update: Aug 2023

Increasing risk of delays to new Dreadnought submarines
The Rolls Royce Core Production Capability project in Derby has been rated Red in the latest Major Projects Data released by the MOD. The data refers to “challenges” in meeting the deadline for delivering the nuclear reactor core for HMS Dreadnought. Read more
Mensa warhead facility costs now over £2bn
The troubled project to build a new warhead assembly/disassembly facility at AWE Burghfield is now expected to cost more than £2bn. The initial budget for the project was £734m Read more
Aldermaston worker killed in construction accident
A Balfour Beatty employee was killed in an accident at the site during piling operations at the site in July. Thames Valley Police have launched an investigation into the incident. Read more
HMS Vanguard completes 7 years of maintenance
The oldest Vanguard-class submarine returned to the Clyde after an extended maintenance period that is estimated to have cost £500m.  Read more

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