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Independent Scotland could face choice between Trident or Nato

An independent Scotland might face a tough battle to become a member of Nato if it insists on removing Trident nuclear weapons, according to a report by the Scotland Institute.

Privatised nuclear warhead store escapes civil nuclear safety regime

Government safety watchdogs have decided that regulation of Scotland's nuclear bomb store is to remain outside the civil nuclear safety regime, even though operation of the site has been handed over from the Ministry of Defence to a consortium of private companies.

Scottish Government calls for talks on Trident

The Scottish Government has called for talks on removing Trident from Scotland ahead of  next year's independence referendum.

Alternatives to Trident take centre stage as senior politicians question need for new nuclear weapons

As Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander hits out at spending billions on replacing Trident, other senior politicians have added their voices to the growing criticism of government plans for new nuclear weapons.

Audit Office: 'More to do' in improving Ministry of Defence equipment project performance

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) needs to do “consistently better” in improving cost management and reducing delays in the delivery of its major equipment projects according to the government's financial watchdog.

UK government outlines position on Trident and Scottish independence vote

The UK's coalition government insists that independence for Scotland would not result in the UK abandoning its nuclear weapons even though finding alternatives to the current nuclear bases on the Clyde estuary would have a “huge cost” and would be an “enormous exercise”.

Nuclear risks rule Devonport out as an option if Trident quits Scotland

The UK's Trident nuclear submarines could not be rebased at the Devonport naval dockyard in Plymouth for safety reasons if an independent Scotland orders the fleet to leave, according to a report from Scottish CND.

Inquiry identifies alternatives to Trident for Barrow

An independent inquiry into the implications of the Government’s Trident Alternatives Review for the economy of Barrow-in-Furness – the location of the BAE Systems shipyard where new submarines to replace the current Trident submarines would be built – has concluded that the town is not facing a ‘Trident or nothing’ choice for protecting local jobs.

Trident submarine forced to dock in the USA following rudder failure

HMS Vigilant, one of the UK's Trident nuclear missile submarines, has been forced to dock for repairs at a US naval base having damaged its rudder in the Atlantic Ocean.