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Ministry of Defence reveals just 520 Faslane jobs depend on Trident

Claims that Scotland would lose thousands of jobs if the Trident nuclear weapons system is taken out of service or moved elsewhere have been thrown into question following an admission by the Ministry of Defence that only 520 civilian jobs at HM Naval Base Clyde are dependent on Trident.

Royal Navy conducts test firing of Trident missile

HMS Vigilant, one of the Royal Navy's Trident nuclear weapon submarines, has conducted the first UK test firing of an unarmed Trident D5 ballistic missile for three years in the Atlantic Ocean following post-refit sea trials.

£2 billion and rising: the cost of redeveloping the Atomic Weapons Establishment

The Ministry of Defence has pledged at least £2 billion of spending on new developments at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), according to new information released in response to a Parliamentary Question from Caroline Lucas MP.

Trident Initial Gate - here at last!

Word cloud showing the frequency of words in the Ministry of Defence Initial Gate report.

Defence Secretary Liam Fox has announced that approval has been given to go ahead with the detailed design phase of development of new submarines planned to replace the current Vanguard class vessels which carry the UK's Trident nuclear weapons.

NIS videoblog: Making sense of the Strategic Defence and Security Review

Our new video blog shows an interview with NIS Director Peter Burt about key recent government announcements on defence, nuclear weapons, and government spending: the Strategic Defence and Security Review; the National Security Strategy; and the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Osborne: no extra cash for Trident

How the 'Sun' portrayed the dispute between Liam Fox and George Osborne


Spending on Trident or child poverty?

Letter from Dr David Lowry, former Director, European Proliferation Information Centre (EPIC)

Sir- So, the credit crunch kaleidoscope has been shaken with an interesting atomic fallout ("Tories cast doubt on £21bn Trident nuclear missile upgrade," May 1).

At prime minister's question time this week former Labour foreign office minister Chris Mullin  suggested "given that the Government are a little strapped for cash at the moment, might this be the moment to reconsider our commitment to spend £20 billion on a new generation of nuclear weapons?"

Hansard on AWE and Trident Replacement, 20th April, 2009

20 Apr 2009 : Column 58W AWE Management

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence whether (a) public-private partnership and (b) private finance initiative arrangements may be put in place under the AWE Aldermaston management contract. [269710]

Credit crunch cash shortage raises doubts over new nuclear weapons

Infographic on Trident replacement costs

Cash shortages caused by the credit crunch will force the next government to choose between replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system and meeting flagship goals to halve child poverty, raise the state pension in line with earnings, and keep education spending growing, according to a report on the affordability of Britain's nuclear weapons published today by the Nuclear Information Service (NIS).