NIS Annual Reports

Annual Report 2010

Our annual report for 2010 gives a summary of the research and education work we have carried out over the year.

As usual, much of our work over the year focused on the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE). Planning applications for the 'Pegasus' enriched uranium facility and 'Hydrus' hydrodynamics facility were submitted by AWE during the year, and NIS helped in providing background information on the two developments and in advising the general public on how to have their say on the planning applications.

Our services were also in demand by the media following a fire in the explosives area at AWE Aldermaston in August.

Annual Report 2009

The Nuclear Information Service Annual Report for 2009 gives a summary of the research, education, and campaign work we have carried out over the year. One of last year's highlights was the publication of our study 'A Replacement for Trident: Can We Afford It?' which analysed the costs and affordability of a new nuclear weapons programme an issue which has been hotly contested as part of the General Election campaign.