NIS Update April 2018

Dreadnought prototype review exposes flaws in naval reactor programme

A recently released report shows that academics warned of a 'culture of optimism' in the Ministry of Defence's submarine reactor programme, alongside a failure to fund long-term research and a looming skills gap. Read more.

Ministry of Defence censors nuclear safety reports

Reports from the MoD's internal nuclear safety regulator for the last two years have been censored, with the government claiming that to publish them would threaten national security. Read more.

Enforcement action over crane safety at Devonport nuclear dock

The Office for Nuclear regulation issued two improvement notices after a series of safety incidents at the nuclear dock where HMS Vanguard is being refuelled. This occured alongside a series of safety-related shortcomings at Devonport. Read more.

AWE emergency exercise finds shortcomings in media and scientific advice

In 2016 a major emergency exercise focussed on AWE Aldermaston, identified shortcomings in providing accurate information to the media and integrating scientific and technical advice into the emergency response, according to feedback from participants. Read more.

£1.3 billion to be spent upgrading Faslane and Coulport bases

The government will spend £1.3 billion upgrading the UK’s Trident submarine base. This money is not included in the budget for the Dreadnought submarine programme, although the bulk of the money will be spent on three nuclear infrastructure projects. Read more.

Scottish National Heritage report warns of future flooding risk at Faslane

Future sea level rise caused by climate change could threaten buildings and moorings at the Faslane naval base if fossil fuels are burned at a high rate in the future, according to a report released by Scottish National Heritage. Read more.

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