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Public money to cover the costs of "untenable" nuclear risks

In the event of a nuclear accident, financial liabilities can be huge - so the Ministry of Defence wants the public to bail out its nuclear contractors.

'Combat and the Campus' event on video

Combat and the Campus - Nuclear weapons research at Britain's universities

Video now online showing the whole of the launch event for our 'Atoms for Peace?' report.

Universities: it's time for action

Atoms for Peace? The Atomic Weapons Establishment and UK universities

'Atoms for Peace?', the new report from Nuclear Information Service and Medact detailing research links between the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) and British universities, has hit the headlines in the academic press in a big way.

Sex, drugs and violence: Coronation Street plot lines? No - all in a day’s work for USAF nuclear missile teams.

Drug abuse, cheating, and drunkenness may sound like plotlines from a television soap opera, but they are real life issues currently confronting the US Air Force's nuclear missile launch crews.

How Britain and France can lead the way on openness in nuclear weapons research

The Closest We've Ever Been

A new approach to disclosure on stockpile stewardship experiments will help assure the world that the two nations are not cheating on their disarmament obligations.

Communicating during a crisis

Mock newspaper headline

How would the authorities communicate with the public during an emergency involving a nuclear weapon?

NIS presentation on UK – France nuclear weapons co-operation at 2013 NPT PrepCom

Download the presentation about nuclear weapons co-operation between Britain and France given by NIS Director Peter Burt at a fringe meeting during the Non-Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Committee meeting for 2013.

Spotlight on nuclear factory's failure to publish environmental information

Nuclear Information Service is publishing a series of undisclosed official reports documenting the safety and environmental performance of the Atomic Weapons Establishment during the year 2012.