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How Britain and France can lead the way on openness in nuclear weapons research

A new approach to disclosure on stockpile stewardship experiments will help assure the world that the two nations are not cheating on their disarmament obligations.

Communicating during a crisis

Mock newspaper headline

How would the authorities communicate with the public during an emergency involving a nuclear weapon?

NIS presentation on UK – France nuclear weapons co-operation at 2013 NPT PrepCom

Download the presentation about nuclear weapons co-operation between Britain and France given by NIS Director Peter Burt at a fringe meeting during the Non-Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Committee meeting for 2013.

Spotlight on nuclear factory's failure to publish environmental information

Nuclear Information Service is publishing a series of undisclosed official reports documenting the safety and environmental performance of the Atomic Weapons Establishment during the year 2012.

Furnace failings posed nuclear safety threat at Atomic Weapons Establishment

Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal technical problems relating to furnaces at the UK's nuclear weapons factory.

The 2012 NPT PrepCom: Hopes and prospects

Tim Street looks at what's in store for this year's Non-Proliferation Treaty meeting.


Submarine dismantling - only half the story

Ministry of Defence video about the Submarine Dismantling Project

Why we need the Freedom of Information Act

Although people sometimes assume that Nuclear Information Service obtains its information about the UK's nuclear weapons from moles, spies, and insider sources, the reality is far less exciting.  One of the most important routes through which we obtain information is by asking for it directly from the Ministry of Defence and other government bodies using the powers of the Freedom of Information Act.