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The Ainslie Archive is an ongoing project to upload the vast archive of the late nuclear weapons researcher John Ainslie. You can already browse hundreds of documents, reports, press cuttings, de-classified UK, US and Russian government memos, dating back to the Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis and up to more recent times. Funding for this work has been received from Scottish CND, Lansbury House Trust and many individual donors. To contribute to this work-in-progress please donate here. You can also send any questions and Feedback

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John Ainslie was an internationally respected expert, author and campaigner on nuclear weapons and disarmament, working for many years with Scottish CND up until his death in 2016. Nuclear Information Service has taken on the task of making his valuable archive available to current researchers, parliamentarians, campaigners and the general public.

The painstaking scanning, categorising and uploading has been made possible by donations from Scottish CND, individual donors, friends and associates of John Ainslie. We anticipate completion mid 2023 if funded.


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