John Ainslie: Key publications

Trident Shambles, 2016

This report explores the many controversies and problems involving the Trident renewal programme. Trident is a huge and very expensive project which has been badly managed. The Ministry of Defence have also significantly downplayed Trident’s true cost and underestimated how long it will take to build nuclear-armed submarines.

Trident: Strategic Dependence & Sovereignty (with Dan Plesch), 2016 

This report argues that successive UK governments have deceived the public by pretending Trident was a British bomb when it is actually American.

No Place for Trident, 2014

An exploration of the likely outcomes for the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons programme, if Scotland were to vote for independence in 2014.

If Britain Fired Trident, 2013

A study of the humanitarian consequences of a nuclear attack by one Trident submarine on likely primary targets in and around Moscow.

Unacceptable Damage, 2013

This report examines the “damage criteria” used by the MOD in planning the UK’s nuclear weapons programme and more recent replacements, and how a desire for particular weapons systems has reshaped the amount of damage considered acceptable.

Trident: Nowhere To Go (2nd edition), 2013

A landmark report examining potential alternative UK nuclear weapons bases if Faslane became unavailable following Scottish independence. It demonstrates that there would be no meaningful alternative – suggesting that Independence could hold the key to unravelling the whole of the UK’s nuclear programme.

Disarming Trident, 2012

A practical guide to deactivating and dismantling the Scottish-based Trident nuclear weapon system.

Assuring Destruction Forever: Modernization in the UK, 2012

John’s contribution to this study explores the UK’s nuclear weapon modernization programme. He discusses the status of the UK’s nuclear forces, the timescale and costs of replacing Trident, relevant international law, and the domestic political debate on nuclear issues.

US-UK nuclear sharing: deterring disarmament, 2010

An analysis of the depth of collaboration between US and UK in nuclear weapon research and fabrication, and its legality under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

The Future of the British Bomb, 2006/2023

This report provides a comprehensive review of the future of the UK’s nuclear weapons. It identifies and clarifies key issues from an abolitionist perspective, bringing together technical information on Trident and nuclear planning systems.

Trident Britain’s Weapon of Mass Destruction, 2006

A report on the status of Britain’s nuclear weapons, including: targeting plans, the impact nuclear use would have on the Moscow area, and the legal implications of nuclear use. The UK’s ‘sub-strategic’ nuclear capability is also discussed.

What next for Aldermaston? 2006

Examines plans for a series of new nuclear weapons production facilities at AWE Aldermaston and Burghfield.

The Safety of Trident, 1994

An assessment of the radiation risks associated with the UK Trident programme.

Cracking Under Pressure, 1992

Discusses nuclear reactor defects on board the UK’s submarines, including those armed with nuclear missiles, and the Royal Navy’s inadequate response.

Other Undated reports

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