NIS facilitates visit of top delegation from Scotland to AWE Aldermaston and Westminster on 11/12 June 2006

Key Members of the Scottish Parliament, together with church and faith leaders and local councillors are being met at Heathrow Airport and supported throughout their stay in the south of England by NIS staff and volunteers.

“This is a fact-finding tour for delegates to see for themselves the nuclear weapons production site at Aldermaston, where new developments are planned that could result in a new generation of nuclear weapons. l understand AWE have refused a request to visit inside the facility. It does seem discourteous for AWE to treat elected representatives and church elders so rudely. Perhaps the management is ashamed of its work, despite its glossy brochures on new developments in nuclear weapons design and production.                                          

NIS Director, Di McDonald said:

“NIS has facilitated the delegation arrangements including meetings with the former UN Weapons Inspector, Hans Blix and Westminster MPs in London. I feel it is important to welcome our guests from Scotland, especially when they have been snubbed by the Establishment at Aldermaston.“

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